Water Control

Controlling the surface water around a home is an important but often overlooked step in maintaining a home. Poorly graded landscapes can lead to rain water pooling. This pooling can lead to water penetrating the foundation, basement, interior surfaces, and your personal  belongings. In addition, the pressure that is created when water accumulates next to or below a foundation may cause structural damage to the foundation. At Oasis Landscaping Inc., we are experts in several methods to control surface water problems around your home.   


The following methods of water control are performed by Oasis Landscaping Inc. 



  • French Drains
  • Connect Downspouts (Underground; away from house)
  • Waterproof Foundations
  • Sump Pumps


To setup an appointment for Oasis Landscaping Inc. to elevate and discuss your water control issues, please call Lawrence Toney today at (704) 575-0522.